About Coach Sheila Dancz

Dr. Sheila Dancz helps women who’ve been sacrificing for others live the life they only imagined.

Sheila is an enthusiastic Life Coach who is trusted by her clients to help them develop better self-esteem, improved personal relationships, better listening skills and solid successful work habits. With over 8 years of experience she has developed the inner wisdom to help women take themselves seriously and discover their innate truth.

Sheila received her PhD in Counseling Psychology from Seton Hall University and a Masters degree in Social Work from Hunter College. Sheila is focused on finding the most effective methods for her clients such as refining anger management skills, develop better listening skills and effective communication. In addition, she has helped clients to develop a powerful self image to improve their attitude and outlook on life. She has dedicated her life to helping women experience more happiness and prosperity.

If you’re ready to live the life you’ve been imagining, Sheila can help you.