Live the Life You Imagined

Dr. Sheila Dancz helps women who’ve been sacrificing for others live the life they only imagined. Sheila helps her clients step into success, enjoy rich satisfying relationships and make dreams reality. She helps clients break free from sacrifice and say yes to self confidence, prosperity and happiness.  Dr. Dancz received her PhD in Counseling Psychology from Seton Hall University and a Masters degree in Social Work from Hunter College.  If you are ready to live the live you’ve imagined, Sheila can help.

How I work:

I work with  women to inspire changes in their lives. We look at your relationships, desires, and obstacles towards building self-confidence. In sessions I use techniques that help your energy flow to create more balance; for this reason I encourage clients to use relaxation and visualization techniques. I use Integrative Energy Therapy and Progressive Relaxation which can help an individual reduce anxiety. When more energy is available to tackle previously unmet challenges, you will experience a true sense of empowerment.

I also work with inner child feelings, which create stuck places in personal development.  By confronting negative beliefs, men and women are able to move through their fears with awareness and compassion.

Here are some issues we can discuss:

  • Creating workable boundaries and successfully asserting yourself.
  • Visualizing yourself handling difficult situations.
  • Taking on challenges beyond your comfort zone.
  • Deciding to make yourself a priority, and making that your responsibility.
  • Tackling new situations.

At the end of our sessions you will be equipped with:

  • Anxiety reducing techniques.
  • A clear picture of obstacles in your path.
  • The ability to see your goals in a more reasonable perspective.
  • New energy to see those goals through.

With the inner work we will do in sessions, it is possible to release this energy. We can then move forward to overcome challenging obstacles.