Back Home… From Home

Hello there,

I just came back from Ireland, my Mother’s homeland…

Connecting with your PHYSICAL ROOTS can be a POWERFUL TOOL. By connecting to those physical places we can FEEL the person that we once were. I came to Ireland originally as a child of seven and my sister was eight.  My mother came from Ireland in those dire days of the Great Depression . She was very lonely at first, and often homesick; she said many times, that if she had the return passage, she would’ve gone back.

When we came to Ireland in the early 50’s, my sister and I made lifelong friends.  We again renewed our friendships in the mid-sixties when we spent many hours  dancing to the music of the Beatles in the dance halls. I returned again in the eighties, when my children were  six and eight. Those were fun days when my children met their relatives. We spent time fishing, exploring the beach areas, and playing in the fields.  My children especially enjoyed playing in the haystacks with their cousins.

This past August my daughter was reacquainted with her cousins, and my granddaughters met a boatload of Irish relatives in Bundoran, County Donegal, and learned to surf.  It was a great reunion, and we will all be sure to return.


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