The Importance of Aligned Action in Manifesting Your Dreams

Envisioning our dream life is just the first step in creating change and stepping into a future that excites and thrills us but how do we move from where we are now  to where we want to be?

Often discussions around this area focus on positive thinking and the power of the mind. Although both are crucial factors in creating real change in our lives we also must realise that we  cannot just sit on a meditation pillow somewhere and expect things around us to change miraculously.

Manifesting the life of your dreams requires commitment and perseverance. It requires alignment between your thoughts and your actions. It’s not just a case of taking any action but making sure that the action we do take is fully aligned to the overall vision we have for our new future.

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If we want to lose weight and have that dream body then we need to eat healthy foods and move our bodies. We cannot just put the picture of our perfect body up on our vision board and then look it every day while eating doughnuts. As the saying goes, ‘What got you here, won’t get you there.’

So what are the key steps in moving from the vision to the reality?

Get crystal clear on your vision

What is your goal? What are you trying to create? This is where a vision board is so helpful in letting us get out all that we desire and want. Once we a physical representation of our vision in front of us then we can start taking the steps to move towards it.


If you are finding that you have the vision but for some reason you keep sabotaging yourself or things are not working out for you like you thought then you need to step back and take a close look at your beliefs.

Are you wanting to change jobs but every time an opportunity for a different job comes up you find yourself not applying because you are too busy? Do you find yourself commenting that you are waiting for the perfect job but never actually actively looking for that role? This is where words and actions are not aligned.

Perhaps there is a hidden fear or belief that changing your job is hard or you are not worthy. If you have issues coming up for you then you need to make sure that you are totally in the right head-space first.

After all action is a manifestation of your energy (belief, thoughts and feelings) so you must really be aware of any limiting beliefs you have so that you can make sure to clear them along the way.

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Aligning your actions

So you have voiced your desire to the Universe and have started clearing away limiting beliefs, but now you seem to be coming up against challenge after challenge. What is going on?

Surely manifesting our desires should be easy? In a way it will be but the Universe will also be testing your conviction in what you desire. For example, friends keep asking you out for dinner when you are trying to lose weight, this has always been a weak spot for you in the past. Stop and realize that this is the Universe testing how strong your desire is for the new reality you want in your life.

The actions you take at any given moment are an indicator of how you are feeling, and also how aligned you are with whatever goal you are trying to manifest.

Every time you choose to act in alignment with your goal, you strengthen your ability to manifest your dreams. Every time you choose an activity that doesn’t align with your vision you move further away. You must persist and commit over and over again in daily small steps in order to change your reality.

This step by step approach here is key.

Sometimes taking action can feel scary and uncomfortable and that can lead to a lot of resistance. Rather than leap ahead with action that doesn’t match your current belief system, tailor it to suit what you are capable of growing into right now.

For example, you might dream of being a millionaire but right now you are in massive debt and working a low paid job. Instead of looking to the end goal and becoming despondent and letting thoughts creep in like ‘I can’t get there from here’ and ‘Who am I kidding, I’m not a millionaire’,  instead think ‘ I’m in control of my finances right now.’ ‘I am learning to make smarter choices with money.’

These are more believable steps and by reinforcing these baby steps time and time again and upping them as you go along the idea of reaching your destination becomes less impossible and more of a reality.

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The things we want to manifest will come to us over time.

As long as we keep clarifying that we really want, working on our limiting beliefs and resistance and embodying the energy of what it is we are striving for.

This is not magic – when you take positive actions in the right direction that are an energetic match to where you want to be you will quickly find that your world changes and attracts more of the things you were looking for.

Have faith, let go of fear and step forward into the new you step by step. You will be thanking yourself in a year!

I’d really love to hear your comments below on where you get stuck the most in the manifesting process. Is there any particular areas you would like more support with? Leave a comment below so I can help.



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