The Importance of a Support Network when Making Life Changes

Making the decision to start living your dream life can feel exciting and inspiring at first but after a while making the changes necessary to get where we want to be can feel hard. Going it alone can feel like a struggle.

Having a strong support network in place is vitally important to help guide you throughout the process. It’s been proven that surrounding yourself with positive supportive and like minded people can help you achieve your goals quicker.

But why is this? Here are 6 reasons why having a support network is vital if you want to make positive changes in your life.

Sounding board for your ideas

When we are trying to change direction in our lives we often have to do things we have never done before. Whether that’s adopting healthier patterns or learning a new skill in order to get our dream job.

Having someone in our lives who is on our side and can be there to listen when things get tough, or we get overwhelmed in all the changes is invaluable.

We can let the thoughts in our heads become so loud that at times we fail to see sense or make a situation more complicated or difficult than it really is. Having that person who will be there to listen , offer advice and a fresh perspective is key to getting clear and firm on our path and vision.

Non-judgmental feedback

You want your support network to be made up of people that you truly trust and are supportive to you.

Making change is hard and as well as facing resistance from ourselves sometimes we can also find ourselves facing resistance or criticism from others. If you find that your current social circle is being judgmental of your desire for change or belittling your need to change then step away! Those people are reflecting their own fears and judgement on to you.

Find the people who will really empathize with you and give constructive helpful feedback.


Making long lasting beneficial changes to our lives takes time, hard work, practice and commitment to stick it out and achieve it. It is easy to lose motivation and give up but by having an accountability partner you can increase your chances of reaching that goal by 65%!

We are more likely to do something for someone else (because they are expecting it) than just for ourselves. When we only tell ourselves our goals it is easy to let is slip on hard days or put it off for ‘another day’.  Having outside motivation can be the thing that really speeds up our rate of success in achieving what we want to create.

Support through challenging time

Sometimes things don’t work out exactly how we want at the exact moment we want it to and it can be crushing.

It is so important that we have someone there for us who can focus on what did work, what was great about what happened so that we don’t fall into a hole of self-despair and pity. They will highlight all the benefits and remind you that there are no failures only lessons.

They can help you take what didn’t work and spin it into something to be improved upon to get you back up and focusing on the future. They will be the reminder of why you wanted to make the change in the first place and be your cheerleader throughout.

Helpful ideas and suggestions

A great support network will also think of helpful ideas and suggestions for you. Perhaps they’ve just heard of a great online course you could take, or maybe they know someone who is in need of your new business services. They can help you break down your goals into more manageable steps. Or perhaps they could highlight issues that you’d never thought of or another point of view.

Networking opportunities

This is especially true of mastermind groups or online communities.

There is a great treasure trove of people to connect with out there and who knows what might come from a  genuine conversation sparked up at an event. Perhaps there is another single mother in your kids class who finds the weekends lonely and a struggle, perhaps you could buddy up and take the kids to the park together while you work out there.

Look for genuine connections and a shared motivation or goal to bring about authentic conversations and bonds.

There are lots of ways that you can meet your support network and a great starting point is to go to events that you are interested in. If you are currently going through a period of change in your life and want to get greater clarity on your direction or to meet a group of like-minded people then please contact me directly about the small Vision Board Workshops that I host every 2-3 months.

It’s a great way to get coaching from me, meet new people going through their own life changes and get some social support.

Together we can help each other create the long-lasting and impactful change that we are all seeking in our lives.




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