Living Your Purpose

Are you living your purpose? Or maybe a better question is: “Are you ready to live your life’s purpose, and take your self seriously?”
Are you ready to be authentic about who you are?
Our first step is to ground ourselves. So what does look like?
It starts with breathing: sit in a comfortable chair, with your feet firmly on the floor. Focus on your inhale and exhale, inhaling through your nose for a count of five, holding your breath for a count of three, and exhaling for a count of five.
Allow yourself five minutes of relaxation; give yourself permission to go into yourself.
The idea here is to find out what makes you unique? What motivates you?
What lights your soul on fire?
The first step is YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE.  What are the challenges you’ve overcome? Pinpoint those singular moments in your life that breathe in your memory. What did you learn?
Build upon those lessons and experiences. Let them guide you toward your purpose.

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