The Importance of a Support Network when Making Life Changes

Making the decision to start living your dream life can feel exciting and inspiring at first but after a while making the changes necessary to get where we want to be can feel hard. Going it alone can feel like a struggle. Having a strong support network in place is vitally important to help guide […]

How do Vision Boards Help Us Visualize Our Dream Life?

There is often a stage in our lives where the day dreams we have for a better life, for a dream life, become more insistent. When the whispers of our soul become louder and louder urging us to make changes and to start living what we are dreaming about. There are so many books, tools […]

Mapping your Best Life: Vision Board

Stop sacrificing for others and live the life you’ve imagined.   When: Sunday March 18th, 2018 1-4p Where: 43 Maple Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960 Investment: $35   Click here to reserve your seat   Are you tired of sacrificing your time and energy for others? Ready to live the life you’ve longed for? Want to get […]

Back Home… From Home

Hello there, I just came back from Ireland, my Mother’s homeland… Connecting with your PHYSICAL ROOTS can be a POWERFUL TOOL. By connecting to those physical places we can FEEL the person that we once were. I came to Ireland originally as a child of seven and my sister was eight.  My mother came from […]

Taking Yourself Seriously

Hello there, Last time we spoke about “Living Your Purpose,” and if you’re ready  to be authentic about who you are.  Let’s start with: “What do you want other people to notice about you?” Is it your kindness? Your resoluteness? Your listening abilities? What are the things that truly set you apart? Allow yourself time to […]